Following the success of the Pokemon Go Easter Event, Niantic is now gearing up for the Summer Event 2017. The developer will no doubt work on more events especially that new data hints that more players are encouraged to play whenever an event begins.

The latest Eggstravaganza ended with a bang as Pokemon Go players managed to hatch a total of 87 million eggs, which shows that the event was positively received by gamers around the globe. There was an increase in user engagement since more Pokemon were hatched during the said event.

Summer event

Since the Eggstravaganza Event was successful, reports are saying that the developer is up for the next big event this summer. It was previously hinted that apart from the Water Festival and other events similar to it, a bigger event is in the works that will arrive this summer.

Niantic’s Asian General Manager, Yoshiji Kawashima, said that he is hoping that players will look forward to the huge event this summer. He added that the engineers are working hard on new functions that can be implemented. It appears that something really big is about to surprise players of the augmented reality game.

It is possible that the Summer Event will include new mechanics like a Player versus Player (PvP) function, player trading, and co-operative raids.

But the PvP feature, which is highly requested by fans, might be out this spring.

Fans are speculating that more Shiny Pokemon will be introduced after it became a huge hit in other events. Other reports are saying that the long-awaited Legendary Pokemon will be released this summer. This Pokemon can only be captured if players will work together.

More events coming?

There have been many events for Pokemon Go, and each one has a unique feature. But the game's developer will be making more events since they can help entice more players. Aside from that, events help boost the game's dwindling number of gamers and bring back players who have stopped using it.

Reports are saying that upcoming events will be successful since the game does not have a competitor yet.

This is because of its usage of Google Maps. It is said that Niantic is formed by ex-Google Maps employees who use their knowledge to integrate the game into the map.

Because there is no other game that can be played in this manner, there is a huge possibility that Pokemon Go will once again boom in terms of player count with its upcoming Summer Event that will be released in July 2017 on iOS and Android devices.