The Easter Eggstravaganza was the last event in "Pokemon Go." niantic labs then rolled out several updates hitting players who are spoofing. Several speculations claim that the recent changes in the game are the developer's way of preparing the platform as well as the players for the next massive update expected to roll out soon.

Odd Pokemon

A recent report claims that Niantic Labs is working on two of the most complex pocket monsters in the game that will be released soon.

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During the initial release, numerous Pokemon were released from the 151 original creatures as well as from Generation 2. While there is already a massive number of monsters around, several Legendaries and Odd creatures are still elusive.

It can be recalled that Ditto was previously released. it served as our guide to understanding comprehensively about Odd Pokemon. Ditto's release was also an indication of the imminent release of the highly anticipated Pokemon type.

John Hanke, Niantic's CEO, in a speaking engagement with a high school, disclosed some information about the potential release of two new creatures. Specifically, the CEO noted that some monsters have not yet surfaced in "Pokemon GO" because of their special moves similar to that of Ditto. It is worth noting that it was released only after the primary function of its purple-ish goo was figured out.

Delibird and Smeargle

As a creature that is classified as Odd, Delibird is meant to be released during the special event. The monster is always linked with winter holidays and events.

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Ideally, a Christmas release would be a great opportunity, especially this year.

Another Odd type of pocket monster is Smeargle, which has more complicated set moves compared to Delibird. Aside from that, Smeargle is more of a serious type of monster in contrast to Delibird's fun personality.

Gym overhaul and 1v1 battle

The coming of Smeargle and Delibird, as well as other Odd Pokemon in the game, is still unofficial yet. Earlier this year, Niantic Labs confirmed that three major "Pokemon GO" updates will be released. Among the heavily speculated update that is expected to roll out first is the Gym overhaul.

Hanke was quoted saying that they are already working on improving the gym battles. In addition, the executive also shared his excitement on the 1v1 battles. So far, the people behind the widely played "Pokemon GO" is giving fans a trickle of information.