Today the Easter Eggstravaganza event ended and fans are waiting for the next event and update from Niantic, including Nest Migration. The developer of the game changes the locations of various types of pocket monsters to refresh the trainers. The result for this activity is always varied but the only constant about this process is that new creatures are found for players in a particular area.

For those who have just started playing the game, a nest refers to an area where the species of monsters can be found. It is also a particular area where they usually span at a higher rate.

This is the latest update from the ever reliable The Silph Road on the most recent “Pokemon GO” nest migration. Trainers can use this as a guide to make playing the game easier instead of going out and checking on the changes manually.

Atlas Map

Every nest migration update, the people at The Silph Road utilize the Atlas Map. This map is massive in form, where players update the nest they have discovered on a global scale. With the collaborative effort, and of course with the advent of technology, a big task ahead is but a click away. Aside from the global update from fellow players, the map also contains a time stamp indicating the time the nest was verified. Those nests verified on or after April 20 are updated and can be referenced by players.

Changes to the recent nest migration

According to users on Reddit, Charmander’s nest has changed to Goldeen, Diglett to Kabuto, and Geodude’s nest to Shellder. In addition, Goldeen’s nest has changed to Drowzee’s, Jynx to Ponyta, and Machop to Geodude. Magikarp’s nest turned into Misdreavous, Murkrow into Geodude and Poliwag into Machop.

In addition, Psyduck’s nest has now become that of Totodile, Qwilfish into Chikorita, and Rhyhorn into Houndour, along with Polliwog’s nest into that of Shuckle.

Aside from those, there are others claiming that with the latest nest migration in “Pokemon GO” they have discovered that Scyther’s nest has turned into that of Pidgey, Seel to Magmar, and Sentret to Cubone, along with Shuckle to Geodude, Slugma to Diglett, Tentacool to Totodile, and Vulpix to Magikarp.