Before the birth of the hit action adventure video game, "Grand Theft Auto 5," the franchise actually started out as an open world 2D title back in the lates 90s. The original video game, "Grand Theft Auto," which was released back in 1997 for MS-DOS and Windows, was played with a top-down view perspective. Now, Rockstar is bringing that feature back into its latest title via a new game mode for "Grand Theft Auto Online."

Nostalgic racing mayhem

The game's developer has just announced a brand new mode, called "Tiny Racers," which is set to be released in the open world online multiplayer version of its latest "Grand Theft Auto" title.

The new mode will be a unique take on the game's existing stunt races and basically transitions the view to an Overhead Perspective, similar to that on the first few games in the hit action adventure franchise.

Not much has been revealed yet

While the developer hasn't really released the full details for the new "Tiny Racers" mode, Rockstar has published a new teaser video that basically shows gamers the basic concept of the upcoming new game mode. Players will basically look like they are racing in two-dimensions, but the game is technically still taking place in a 3D world as it will be using the same basic engine as the base game. This means that cars will still be able to move in three dimensions, creating a unique situation and experience for players.

The recently released trailer video also teases some new power-ups that players will be able to utilize to drive their opponents off the tracks. Elaborate tracks are also shown in the video, which includes big jumps, loops, and narrowing lanes. Cars can also fall off the tracks, or be blown off with the right tools.

The upcoming "Tiny Racers" update is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Windows PC on April 25.

Rockstar should be announcing other details about the new mode in the days leading up to its release next week.

A couple of surprises while waiting

To celebrate today's date, April 20 or 4/20, Rockstar is dishing out a couple of weed-related bonuses in "Grand Theft Auto Online." Until the day ends, players can purchase weed farms and weed business upgrades at half price.

Money generated from these businesses will also yield 50 percent more, which means more profits for dealers. The green tire smoke upgrade, that can be equipped with any vehicle, is also half off at LS Customs.