There is a massive update being worked out right now for “Pokemon Go.” This update will most likely change the way the augmented reality game is being played. Players can expect that their solitary journey will soon be more of a collaborative effort played with teammates.

A report from Slash Gear revealed that this major update would involve connections on long distances. In addition, these links will be based on several color-coded factions in the game. The groups or factions will be composed of the Red, Yellow and Blue teams.

Red, yellow, blue long distance connections

According to the report, a part of this major update about the colors would entail players to color the in-game world. The dominion of any given area in the game will be marked on the borders of pathways and roads. The source who chose to remain anonymous further said that the whole road coloring activity might just be a working tool and an entirely new mapping system might be added to be used later on. If we think deeper about the recently revealed concept, it would most likely go well with Gym Battles.

Team Missions

Aside from the red, yellow and blue color connections, team missions would most likely take place. The team missions would most likely be a forerunner for the launching of the Legendary Pokemon in the game.

It would be unlikely for Legendaries to appear in group battle special events given the previous footages revealed by Niantic. However, with the above description of what could be a worldwide activity involving multiple players aiming for a single goal has a great possibility of getting implemented in the game.

Release date

This recently revealed information about a massive update that will most likely change the endgame of “Pokemon Go” will most probably take place in the later part of the year.

It can be recalled that John Hanke mentioned three major updates to roll out in 2017. April has arrived but until now not a single news about the release of any of these updates have been heard of. If the team missions would not roll out as an update, the likelihood of it being implemented in the game would be in a form of a special event.