Apple's marketing and advertising team have now continued its use of real-world tweets to further push its agenda. The latest slew of video ads now attempts to convince consumers that their latest Ipad Pro tablets are in fact better than laptops.

Given the fact that Apple is well known for their own Laptop offerings, the ads might very well be detrimental to their own MacBook sales. Nevertheless, the videos are still quite entertaining to watch.

iPads are lighter and better than old laptops

The first ad that Apple had released shows a tweet from a woman named Adriana who is complaining about how heavy her laptop is. The tweet exaggerates that her laptop weighs "5 million tons."

A voiceover then informs her that the iPad Pro only weighs "about a pound," which is technically true as the iPad Pro actually weighs just 1.57 lbs to be exact.

The video then ends with the voice over telling her that the iPad Pro also runs apps like Excel and PowerPoint, making it "Light and Powerful."

iPad Pros last longer than laptops, duh!

The second ad features a user named @srboilers and her first-world dilemma regarding her laptop running out of juice in the middle of a flight. The voice-over narrator then tells her that the iPad Pro comes with all-day battery, which means that it will last her the entire flight and more.

iPads for studying and escaping your inconsiderate roommate.

The last video ad features a woman named @Tal and her problem of not being able to study properly due to her hormone-filled roommate. Her roommate apparently has a "study partner" over, but they are engaging in distracting non-study related activities. The voiceover then informs her that she could actually take her studies with her if she only had an iPad Pro.

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The narrator explains that the device is capable of taking her notes and textbooks anywhere she goes.

Apple's inconsistent take on its own product

Less than a year ago, Apple's campaigns were adamant that their iPad tablets were essentially laptops. The company even launched several videos that showed how better it was than other laptops. However, the company is apparently now saying that its iPads are not laptops, but are better than them in every way.