The collective cries of Nes Classic fans are audible, and it’s no comfort for retro-minded gamers that the reissued console is still up on eBay, considering one has to expel a hefty sum just to get their hands on one. One would think that Nintendo’s cancellation announcement last week is such an ill-advised move; after all, the $60 reissue was so in demand, stores were out of stock most of the time. However, a colossal of a company who’s been around for so many years surely has a reason behind the shocking move.

Switch is Nintendo’s focus right now

It’s perfectly safe to say that the Nintendo Switch’s predecessor, the Wii U, somewhat suffered towards the end of its life.

Its sales failed massively, which is why the company had to exert a ton of effort to make things work for the Switch. While the NES Classic seems like a tiny thing to look after, given it’s a reboot and has already set a solid amount of audience, Nintendo would rather direct its efforts to its brand new console to avoid having to deal with the dent the Wii U had caused.

Moreover, the Switch may host several classics soon through Nintendo’s Virtual Console, the company’s back catalog. Of course, Switch owners know that the Virtual Console didn’t come with the console, although the company did say it might “in the future.”

The NES Classic wasn’t meant to be permanent

“NES Classic Edition wasn’t intended to be an ongoing, long-term product. However, due to high demand, we did add extra shipments to our original plans,” revealed a Nintendo representative in an interview with IGN.

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The Classic was the best recourse to get new gamers acquainted Nintendo’s old library of games, but it seems the company isn’t quite ready to release console solely for retro games. Maybe, again, in the future?

Some fans remain unhappy, and Nintendo wasn’t specific about the Classic’s future either. However, its official statement says shipment in North America will end “for this year.” The good ol’ NES might make a comeback shortly, or what’s more plausible – the second edition. Nintendo had always been vague on its next step, as fans know, but the NES houses fan favorites of the many kinds. All hope isn’t lost, is it?

The NES Classic Edition launched November 10, 2016, and included 30 retro games from Nintendo's past. In January, Nintendo announced that it had sold 1.5 million consoles, albeit suffering from terrible supply issues at stores and online retailers.