The NES Classic Edition was released in November of last year, but the demand of owning one still hasn’t let up. Nintendo hasn't restocked the Game Console, and the only feasible option for would-be owners is to buy one from 3rd party resellers with a significant bump in its price. This problem is still occurring despite Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo, previously assuring fans not to worry about the supply as the company is doing its best to solve the issues regarding the stocks of the popular game console.

Where to buy the NES Classic Edition alternatively

People who want to own the classic console have no other choice but to purchase it from other resellers. Amazon is reported to list the game console “in stock” by April 4, 2017. The retailer giant will offer the Nintendo console for $173.75 with a free shipping option. Newegg currently has the classic edition in stock for a massive $199.99 with a shipping cost of $11. This would be ideal for people who want the console now rather than later with a few extra bucks to spare. Chunk Toys also have the unit in stock for a whopping $250 but with a free shipping option.

Rumors of stopping production of the NES Classic Edition

Rumors were circulating online that Nintendo has stopped the production of the game console, but the company quickly denied this.

Nintendo claims that every time the console is restocked, it gets sold out in just a matter of days. It is believed that game enthusiasts and resellers are the first ones to have purchased the consoles once the stocks have been replenished. Unfortunately, the latter ends up reselling the units for a far higher price. They are taking advantage of the depleted supply of the game console by overpricing the same.

The NES Classic Edition is a miniature replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System and includes a library of 30 built-in games. The device is supposedly priced only at $59.99.

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