Late last month, Ubisoft took to their official blog to share some news on the highly anticipated "No Compromise" DLC arriving on April 18 for "Watch Dogs 2," as well as the April update that will deliver the "Showdown" multiplayer mode for free. Originally, the "Showdown" multiplayer mode was supposed to be attached to the "No Compromise" DLC, but Ubisoft decided to give it away for free today instead.

April update features 'Showdown' multiplayer mode

Today's free update for "Watch Dogs 2" is specially designed for veteran players of the game. It'll feature three forms, namely the "Steal the HDD," "Doomload," and "Erase/Protect the Servers," which is a fresh look at the classic domination matches.

These matches will take place in 15 different locations that will require players to sharpen their driving, shooting, hacking, and puzzle-solving skills.

What's more is that the free update arriving today for the game will also enable the drone, motocross, and eKart races to receive multiplayer functionality. The game's live producer Kris Young said in the blog post that the release of the "Showdown" multiplayer mode was mostly due to the players' demands to see more multiplayer content in the game.

'No Compromise' DLC arriving tomorrow

"Watch Dogs 2" players on PlayStation 4 will receive the "No Compromise" DLC tomorrow, while those on Xbox One and PC will have to wait for another month. Note that Season Pass holders will be able to download the content for free, otherwise, players will have to purchase the DLC.

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Players should also anticipate the new DedSec Operation with a multi-mission storyline titled "Moscow Gambit," and new single-player time trials. Two new nonlethal but equally awesome weapons are also in store, and they're called the Air Shotgun and Taser Sniper Rifle. Also included in tomorrow's DLC is a set of three new emergency service packs and new outfits and vehicles for Marcus.

This is the third of four planned post-launch DLC's coming to "Watch Dogs 2," with the "T-Bone Content Bundle" released in December and "Human Conditions" in February, as per Polygon. According to Gamespot, more free updates are arriving at the open world, third-person shooter video game especially in June, when a new update will enable a group of four players to explore the city and band together to take part of activities. For the latest on Ubisoft, make sure to bookmark this page.