There’s another “Bendgate” scandal in town, and in the spotlight, this time is the month-old Nintendo Switch.

It was 2014 when “bendgate” first made headlines to refer to the iPhone 6’s tendency to bend when placed inside the pockets. And it seems Nintendo’s brand new gaming machine could be the cause why the term is likely to make a comeback on the internet, as players have been complaining of warping issues. Apparently, the Switch is prone to bending or bowing when used in docked mode.

Redditors discuss the Nintendo Switch warp

Owners of Nintendo Switch took to Reddit to raise the warping issue the console currently has.

When user _NSR opened the thread about the anomaly, other console owners started jumping in and echoed the same sentiments, particularly after being used in docked mode.

According to the Redditor, the bending could be due to the console working harder while outputting video, so it gets hot enough that the internals become more likely to expand. However, the deformed Switch consoles seem to be working just fine.

Nintendo receives another round of flak

Online forums for Nintendo Switch were flooded with complaints over the weekend, and the “bendgate” quickly became a hot topic among users. Some owners have shared photos of their warped device to prove how serious the issue is.

While the heat from the dock is said to be the only reason for the bent hardware, another user revealed that it also happens even when the device is used handheld.

This isn’t the first issue Nintendo has been thrown with. Previously, Switch owners have also complained of hardware and performance issues.

Some users found their consoles bricked with a blue screen a few days after its official launch. Dead pixels have also been raised, and while users may get a replacement unit, many retailers use a gauging system, in which a number of pixels are measured to see if the owner is eligible for a new Switch.

Nintendo hasn’t said anything on the matter yet, but the company’s support team is reportedly repairing affected consoles.