Microsoft is all set to stage big spring event on May 2 with most anticipating a new laptop. Most anticipate a new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 coming though the improvements could disappoint.

Except for the possible upgrade to an Intel Kaby Lake chipset, the word out is that the Redmond company has hardly changed most of the components. With the Surface Pro line doing well, critics believe that bumping up the SoC would be enough.

Compared to Apple, Microsoft does not really need hardware sales to keep its business afloat. Rather, the Redmond company has been known to focus on the software side. Hence, the changes that the Microsoft Surface Pro would have to offer could be in the Windows 10 Cloud.

The answer is in the Windows 10 Cloud

With cloud computing and storages plaguing the tech world, the surprise offering by Microsoft could be something in the form of a Chromebook.

Most know how Google was able to come up with a low-cost machine where most of the work was done through cloud-based computing.

Tying that up with the recent intro of the Windows 10 Cloud then it does make a big of sense. Breadcrumbs of the feature were spotted in the code of the latest Windows 10 Creators update, hinting the eventual coming of a stripped-down version of Windows 10 that would run on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

With most of the work left in the Windows 10 cloud, it justifies the eventual shift of trimming down hardware requirements while maintaining their level of efficiency, particularly on the anticipated Surface Pro 5.

Bad news for Google

With the data mine bared, it also indicates a plan that could place the Google Chromebook in peril. The Windows 10 Cloud-based solution looms as an alternative for consumers, another take since first trying it with the Windows RT.

That initiative failed to get any mileage the last time out, but things have changed. Microsoft seems to be using one of its popular assets (Microsoft Surface Pro) to deliver a new solution that may hit both Apple and Google at the same time.

Hence, the worries of a less-stellar Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may have just been doused with the new theory tied up to Microsoft’s big spring event happening on May 2.

With most shifting to cloud computing, this piece somehow the puzzle on why Microsoft would hold back on a significant upgrade to its hit all-in-one solution.

There are still questions that need to be answered such as accessibility and performance on the Windows 10 Cloud, and the new Microsoft Surface Pro device has to offer. This bit may have scraped the top of it all – meaning more details should be known next month.

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