Microsoft is speculated to come out with the Surface Pro 5 soon and most are eager to find out what changes the hybrid laplet will have to offer. Details of the device’s features have been kept in close wraps though a small one just got leaked.

While most anticipate a highly revamped Microsoft Surface Pro 5, the only notable change could be in the processor. With the Intel Kaby Lake chipsets already out in the open, it comes to no surprise that Paul Thurrott has confirmed the rumor via Twitter.

No Major changes happening

The use of Intel Kaby Lake chipsets should put Microsoft one up over Apple and its disappointing MacBook Pro line.

But aside from that, nothing else may be changing.

The only other update Thurrott gave was that the Surface Pro will still use the old power connector and that other changes will simply be minor upgrades. Summing it all up, nothing dramatic is allegedly in store though some surprises could still spring up moving forward. With a powerful processor, most are hoping to see more specs added to the mix, not to mention a high-resolution display for graphics and media entertainment purposes.

Though there will be variants to choose from, a powerful base model should further sway consumers to buy the high-priced laplet. Since these are leaks, there is still time to wait-and-see if Microsoft is holding out on the major specs most have been wishing for.

Shift to USB-C connection still hoped

For those not technical enough to understand the big deal behind the Surface power connector, most were hoping to see the DisplayPort upgraded to a USB-C connection. The port has been present in the current and previous Surface Pro tablets and Microsoft may opt to hold off for now.

Looking at the Windows PCs market, most have already transitioned to the new port – particularly laptops.

Then again, the leak could be just a tease of things to come. Microsoft has not announced anything, providing some Surface Pro 5 hopefuls a small glimmer of hope.

Revelations will be made at the special Surface Hardware event happening in the coming weeks. The actual features the tablet will carry will likely be known by then and most are hoping that some changes do happen by that time.

Either way, Microsoft has padded its lead over Apple which disappointed largely with its MacBook and iPad Pro lineup. The SoC is one thing but most are hoping to see the Redmond company step on the gas and take the lead in their one-on-one battle.