Apple and Microsoft are still at it, both trying to outdo the other through their mobile devices. The MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro continue to hold the fort against Microsoft’s Surface Pro series, the difference of which is in the operating system.

With that in mind, the immediate concern of most is file access. Normally, files created on macOS cannot be accessed similarly on the Windows platform. There are exceptions but there will be instances where one file cannot be opened on another.

New tool may convince the big switch

The easiest way to make it all work is to resort to some form of migration. Microsoft has quietly come up with one with the “Mac to Surface Assistant”, allowing macOS users to backup their files to a USB or external hard drive. Once stored, these can be easily accessed on a Surface laptop via single ZIP file.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce the tool. It is possible that it was spotted before it would be actually introduced to the public, a scenario which could push Apple to raise some sort of alarm.

After a glance into the “Mac to Surface Assistant” migration tool, the app seems pretty simple to use. All a user has to do is check some folder that he or she wants to migrate and then select the drive where it would be stored.

The amount of files and folders will depend on storage space, more so the capacity that the USB drive or hard drive can accommodate. Either way, this looms as a useful tool for those torn between Windows and macOS.

Apple and Microsoft continue battle for supremacy

The past months have seen the battle of the two tech giants through the release of their latest devices. Apple released the MacBook Pro though most were disappointed with the low specs. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been doing well with its Microsoft Surface series despite being priced steeply. Right now, most are eager to see the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 though nothing has been announced.

There is no telling if Mac users will make the big switch to Windows 10 for now. But the migration tool could be a prime factor to convince users from making their final decision.

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