Rockstar's open world Online multiplayer video game, "Grand Theft Auto Online," is apparently now a victim of a growing hacking ring that has reportedly stolen millions of dollars in-game currency. The hacker, or group of hackers, have apparently found an exploit within the game that allows them to execute several cheat commands, including stealing money, giving money, instant level ups, and other actions.

Victims are starting to come forward

Numerous players have already started to voice out their complaints online through various tweets, videos, and reports.

A good number of players have apparently started to report that millions of their hard-earned in-game money are being stolen, while others are apparently receiving large sums of illegitimate RPs as well.

A more devious hacking tool

In the past, hackers were able to get their money through various methods, including dropping money for other players or spawning expensive vehicles. However, the new method is reportedly directly tied to a third party software called "mod menus." The software itself is much more dangerous as it could easily be spread to other players within the "Grand Theft Auto Online" community.

Danger to legitimate players

The "Grand Theft Auto Online" hack hasn't really proliferated just yet, but as Rockstar prepares to crack down on the cheaters, there is a valid concern for those who are playing the game legitimately.

Aside from stealing and giving out RPs, the tool apparently also lets hackers instantly level up other players. Legitimate players may fall victim to this and could be flagged by Rockstar as cheaters themselves. Once tagged, there might be a possibility that their accounts would be banned.

Rockstar's plan of action

The game's developer has already announced that it is aware of the problem and that it has already set up a support page for it.

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Users are advised to immediately report any strange activities on their accounts. The newly created support page also mentioned that the developers are "actively working on a fix" for the particular issue. It isn't also clear how exactly they would go about fixing the problem or if they already know how to patch the specific exploit.

Rockstar does have a reputation of quickly fixing problems within the game, but it isn't clear just yet how long it would take them to patch the particular exploit. In the meantime, players who don't want to risk losing their hard-earned RPs are advised to stay away from public online sessions.