The samsung galaxy s8 is scheduled to hit the U.S. market in a few days. The smartphone has already created a buzz among tech enthusiasts with its stunning features and an extraordinary battery life. Customers purchasing the device who want to extend the handset’s battery life can peruse the handy tips and tricks enlisted below.

Allow your apps to sleep

The Galaxy S8 comes allows users to manually put their apps to sleep. The sleep mode prevents the apps from running in the background and also debars any push notification as well. The apps wake up automatically once the users open them.

In order to use the sleep mode feature, simply long press on any app. As soon as the settings option opens, choose “sleep” and click on “ok.”

Use FHD not WQHD+ resolution

The Galaxy S8 comes with the WQHD+ display in its default setting when it is shipped to the user. In order to control the battery life, the users can lower the resolution of the screen for their everyday use. Instead of using the high-performance mode all the time, which consumes more battery, users can settle for FHD. One can always swap back to WQHD+ while playing games for enhanced viewing.

Say no to auto brightness

Another frequently-used method of saving battery life is by altering the brightness of the screen. Go to the quick settings option, and click on the small arrow beside the brightness bar slider.

Toggle the auto adjust option for brightness to off and save some more battery!

Change screen timeout to low

Controlling the amount of time the display stays on after interacting with the smartphone, is another way to enhance the battery life. The Galaxy S8 comes with 15 seconds timeout option by default. Given that it is the lowest timeout option, try to stick to this setting instead of changing it to 30 seconds, 1 minute, or higher.

Disable AOD mode

The Always-On-Display (AOD) mode comes handy when one wants to check on any pending notifications or the time, without diverting from what is keeping them busy. However, AOD slowly depletes the battery life of the device. In order to ensure an extended battery life, one can switch off the AOD feature by going to Settings.

Next, navigate to Lock Screen and Security followed by AOD. On reaching the AOD option simply slide the toggle to off!

So, these are few of the options which can help the Galaxy S8, as well the Galaxy S8+, users enhance their battery life considerably. Try out these handy tips and tricks once the smartphone is available. The Galaxy S8 will hit the U.S. shelves on April 21.