Exploits are nothing new for gamers, even for popular ones like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online. However, if it involves stealing hard-earned money from right under the noses of gamers then there is a cause for alarm.

The alleged exploit has been reported from forums and social media, revealing how hackers can gain access to steal large sums of in-game money and tweak their stats with outrageous RP. For the benefit of GTA Online gamers, this is different from the old practices of dropping money for players and spawns.

Cheating courtesy of 'Mod Menus'

The root cause of it all is a third-party app called “mod menus.” What makes it dangerous is the fact that it takes little effort to apply.

The good news is that the exploit is contained for now though some may risk trying it out. But given time, it could be a serious problem once desperate gamers grow tired of playing fairly.

There are several GTA Online gamers who want to level up fast, some even looking to get quick cash at their disposal. Dirty as the tactic may seem, the only thing that Rockstar Games can do right now is work on a fix to address the hack.

Game developers are on it as we speak but no timetable has been given. If their past work of addressing exploits is any indication, a patch should be rolled out soon. Until the exploit is fixed, gamers are advised to stay out of GTA Online public sessions using last-gen game consoles and/or via PC.

The recourse is recommended, particularly for players who have amassed a lot of in-game cash.

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It would be best to heed that warning rather than see your in-game cash dilapidate for no reason at all.

GTA Online 'Land Grab' adversary mode

Aside from that unfortunate exploit, there are better things to look forward to for GTA Online. Rockstar Games has released a new Adversary Mode called “Land Grab.” This is a team-vs-team battle mode which allows up to four teams to battle in neon suits.

The new add-on includes seven new maps which call for teams to try and claim a certain territory. All players have to do is try and head on over to enemy grounds and mark it using neon colors. The team which marks out with the most territory before the timer runs out wins.

For their effort, players stand to earn double RP and GTA$ until April 24. To make sure those rewards are safe, gamers are reminded once again to lay off the GTA Online public sessions until Rockstar Games developers are ready with a fix or the alleged exploit which has thankfully not gotten out of hand.