Pokemon Go” players are still clueless on whether there is a “MewTwo” to look forward to. Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke claims there is one and that it is lurking out there somewhere. So far there is no sign of the Legendary Pokemon.

Last year, there were teasers that “MewTwo” would be coming out at a special event at Times Square, New York. It would be a special event which would be up for a limited time. For folks who are planning to take part in that event, saving up their PokeBalls was advised.

MewTwo jolting Japan

Now, there is the word that a special “Pokemon Go” event may be happening in Japan too.

It would be held at the Tsuruma Park where participants would be given only 10 minutes to try and catch the Legendary pocket monster. For ammunition, using Ultra Balls was advised for better chances.

While that should be something, supporting information regarding the suggested event are a bit off. That includes involving local law enforcement to set the mood. In fact, even K9 dogs have been somehow tied up to it.

The only credible part of the event is that it would be held at an iconic landmark. The Tsuruma Park is a place best known for rare spawns. Among the critters notorious for popping up include “Blastoise,” “Venasaur,” and “Gyarados.”

Japan Event may be a hoax

With most wary of the suggested event, the Japan special event should be taken lightly.

It could be something but the fact remains that unless Niantic actually announces something, it may be nothing more than a wild goose chase.

Hence, the best way right now is to wait for an official announcement from Niantic Labs and then plan ahead. So far, events and updates have been at the forefront of “Pokemon Go.” The Water Festival just concluded and most are eager to see what is next for the augmented reality game.

Easter happens in a couple of weeks so something could happen even if it would be just for a couple of days. Other than that, most are awaiting yet-to-be-delivered features such as Pokemon Trading and the PvP Hanke promised would be added.