Dji changed the landscape of drone technology when it introduced the Mavic Pro. It has impressive specs and features that numbers of pre-orders for the device set a remarkable record. Prior to its release, DJI Mavic Pro ran out of stocks. Such impressive demand also resulted in the customers not being able to receive their orders on time, which resulted in a deluge of complaints.

It was speculated in the later part of 2016 that the Chinese drone maker would halt the production of its other models. This saddened patrons because most of them worried that it would not have further support.

The company, however, assured them that support would still be available to those discontinued units.


It appears that after the issue with delayed deliveries, the Chinese drone maker is hitting the web again. This time, speculations are rife about a new product being developed by the company that will soon be released in the market. In fact, there were already several leaks pointing to the company’s latest product, which according to some reports is called DJI Spark.


According to the latest leak, DJI Spark will be the smallest drone that the company will launch. It stemmed from a leaked image posted earlier today, on Chinese DJI forums. The said website now is already gone. The image raised several speculations and questions as well.

Fans are now wondering if the upcoming drone will share the same feature as the Mavic Pro’s foldable design. Aside from that, there was also heavy anticipation on when exactly the device would be launched and apparently be released. The origin of the said leaked images is unknown. However, some tech sites were able to get few photos of what was previously posted before it was taken down.

On their part, DJI did not confirm nor deny the Spark. However, it was previously revealed that the Chinese drone maker had registered the name for a trademark. Currently, there are numerous images and footages making rounds on the Internet showing a small, handheld. It has a vertically tilting camera intended to take fast videos and photos.

At this point, it is still unclear if the heavily speculated DJI Spark will have foldable wings like the Mavic Pro. In addition, no information about the controller has been revealed yet. We will update this article as soon as we get more information about the upcoming drone. For now, we leave you with this article, and we hope we to give more updates soon.