Saturday is Earth Day and as a way to celebrate the event “Prey” has just released a brand new video titled “Recycle Everything.” The upcoming first person shooter is due to be launching in the next few weeks and now we’ve got yet another look at a game set in an Alternate Future. It’s possible this alternate future is one that we could have been in ourselves if just a few decisions had gone a different way. However our actual world turned out, Bethesda wants to give you yet another look at the world they’ve crafted. This world allows players to make their way around a rather massive space station, fighting off aliens that are able to turn themselves into literally everything.

This particular trailer does not focus on those aliens, but rather shows off a rather interesting part of the mechanics of the game.

‘Prey’ really does recycle anything

The title of the trailer absolutely tips off what players will be able to see in the new video. Bethesda has packed in a very interesting mechanic into this title. As DualShockers points out, players can collect items within the world and then use a machine to recycle the items. This allows users to change those collected items into new gear or items that you will find more interesting. Crafting is hardly a new feature in video games but this does appear to be putting a bit of a new spin on the whole thing. Crafting isn’t the only part of the video we get to see as we also get a look at the Recycler Charge.

This is a weapon that is along the lines of a grenade type weapon that ends up turning any kind of matter into recyclable objects. Once the process is complete, you can take it to the machine and make whatever you want.

Demo for ‘Prey’ is incoming

For those of you who don’t want to have to wait the few extra weeks to get your hands on the game, Bethesda has brought you good news.

While “Prey” is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 5, the publisher is going to be releasing a demo on April 27. Of course, if you do want to play this demo, you are going to have to play it on the consoles. The game is coming to PC but the demo will not. Apparently, you can play through the game’s opening which amounts to about an hour of game time.

In a way, this new demo is a bit of a recycling by Bethesda. Games don’t normally offer up this feature anymore unless they are published by EA and are going through their “Access” program. Pair that demo with our article on the five things you need to know about “Prey” and you’re going to be set for May 5.