"Vampyr" was first announced right around the same time developer Dontnod was releasing their biggest hit in "Life is Strange". The work appears to have been going slow and steady since it was announced and now there's a little more detail about the story.

In "Vampyr" you will be able to choose whether you want to be a kind of "good" mass murderer, or whether you want to just be a mad dog killer. Make no mistake, there's going to be a lot of killing either way, but players can decide how, when and why.

Main character in 'Vampyr' comes with his own set of morals and ethics

Dontnod says this isn't going to be your usual vampire game.

The main character of their upcoming title is known as Dr. Jonathan Reid. Because he was already a doctor when he was a regular human he brings the desire to help people rather than harming them. The flipside is that he is also someone who fought in the war, therefore he understands what it's like to take a life.

Philippe Moreau, the director for "Vampyr" recently talked to Polygon about the moral quandaries players will run across in the game. “One interesting question we want the player to ask themselves is, ‘Who am I going to kill and who am I going to spare? We have created a wide variety of citizen archetypes, very different archetypes, so you can really decide to play the game like Dexter, as he would do in the TV show.

Or you can decide to do it the other way, be like Jack the Ripper and take lives and just feed and be in full possession of your supernatural skills."

No good or bad decision

Dontnod is quick to point out that the way they are building "Vampyr" you can go back and forth between the paths. Players can be a vampire with ethics and morals, or just killers all the way.

They can also bounce back and forth depending on your mood.

There is another reason why you're going to want to kill someone every now and then. The developers have said that when Reid kills people, he gains evolutionary powers. While "Vampyr" does not have an official release date, it's expected to land on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime this year.

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