The Xbox One S is the newest video game system from Microsoft, but still, in many ways, the same console as the original Xbox One. Since the launch of the console, Microsoft has experienced a massive boost in sales, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. While the console is indeed a substantial investment, there are times when several users will come across problems with the base software. Some of these issues are known to break games and have players wanting to rip their hair out. This article will cover some of the known problems, until Microsoft releases a permanent fix in the near or distant future.

How to fix Xbox One S Error 0x80bd0009

This error is not widespread, but it is known to kick into gear now and again. Error 0x80bd0009 takes place when the user sets up his or her Xbox One S, only to find out there is no sound. This mainly happens when a surround sound system is attached to the TV. There’s no permanent fix at the moment, but the following workaround should set things back in order, at least for a while. Hit the Menu button, then go to Settings and select Display and Sound. Finally, select HDTV, and from here, the display and audio options will be reset.

Xbox One S Error 0x91d7000a

The Xbox One S is the most affordable 4K Blu-Ray player on the market, so when an error pops up saying the device is unable to playback 4K Blu-Ray content, one has to wonder what’s happening.

This nasty error is the one known as 0x91d7000a, so let’s talk about how to fix it: power cycle the Xbox One S, then reset the console. After that, visit the Home screen and open the guide. Choose Settings > All Settings> System > Console info & updates > then select Reset console.

Xbox One S Error 0x803f9007

There will likely come a time when your video game will fail to load.

At a time like this, the error 0x803f9007 will show up on the screen. There are a few possible reasons why this problem is occurring, three, to be exact. First, check if the game disc is inserted correctly into the Xbox One S. Secondly, make sure you are signed into your Xbox Live account. Lastly, the game you are attempting to play is probably a trial, and the trial has expired.