Microsoft recently unveiled its latest lineup of Xbox wireless controllers dubbed as Recon Tech Special Edition, which is the first for its Tech Series. The new controller for the home console and Windows 10 will be available next month which will cost $69.99. This is perfect for those who are looking for controllers with a unique style.

Xbox controller design

As the name suggests, the new Wireless Controller for the Xbox One system was heavily inspired by military technology, taking concepts from combat armor and science-fiction mechanical gear.

The device also includes features that one would expect from a wireless controller such as improved wireless range and Bluetooth technology.

The front of the controller has a premium finish like a laser etched texture with gold accents. Meanwhile, the back has a rubberized grip for a more comfortable feel with diamond texture. Players are allowed to customize the controller with its button-mapping feature with the use of the Xbox Accessory App which is available for download at the Xbox Store or Windows Store. This is for those who need specific key configurations to play certain games.

Graeme Boyd from Xbox posted pictures of the new controller via Twitter to show how it looks.

Xbox controller compatibility

Xbox One’s upcoming Copilot feature will allow two wireless controllers to be used with the home console as one, this is ideal for those who are playing with less-experienced players like training wheels of sorts.

The more experienced player controls the game while the other helps out with the controls on a different remote. In addition, the device is also compatible with the Samsung Gear VR.

The latest Xbox wireless controller will start shipping to retailers worldwide on April 25 but it is also available now for pre-order. It's expected that more military-inspired controllers will soon be released in the future. Follow me if you want to get more updates about the newest technology and other gaming news.

The image was taken from Microsoft.