Google finally announced its latest version of Android, and as expected it will be named Android O. However, the name is not yet official, and it will have to do for now. Hardcore fans should be excited as the new firmware will bring improvements over the previous version.

The search engine giant did not disclose everything that the new Operating System has to offer, but it does give a little bit of information from the Developer Preview.

Android O performance

The most notable feature of this new version is the background limits. This means that the Android device will be optimized for a better battery life than any of the previous firmware.

Google will now limit what apps can and cannot do while in the background where it’s broken down into three aspects; background services, implicit broadcasts and location updates. Developers will need to be familiar with these changes as these issues will have an enormous impact on Android.

There will also be changes in notifications as Google introduces a new feature called Notification Channels. This will allow users to have more control over different types of notification such as blocking or changing the behavior of each channel.

There will also be a feature called Autofill APIs which will allow users to choose an autofill app that will store and secure user data such as passwords, names, and addresses.

Other features

The Picture in Picture (PIP) mode was only available on Android TV and will now make its way to the new version of Android. The PIP allows users to watch videos while navigating around through other application which is quite useful for most people who love to multitask.

Android O will now support high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs such as LDAC codec.

Also, there will be a native AAudio API which is designed for apps that need high-performance, low-latency audio.

In a nutshell, those will be the changes for the upcoming version of Android O. For those who want to take an early look; it will have to be downloaded and flashed manually as it is not available in the Android Beta Program.

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