The Water Festival event first introduced the Shiny creatures in “Pokemon Go.” Players were thrilled on their first capture of these special types of pocket monsters that the Day 1 of the event floods the Internet with excitement. With the event ended, along with the increased spawn rate for water-type creatures, players started to become anxious. Their anxiety stems from not being able to catch the shiny Magikarp anymore.

Niantic on golden Magikarp

The company was quick to announce on their official Twitter account the growing concern among players.

The team confirmed that the rare golden Magikarp is here to stay.

At this point, the company has not made any confirmation about the additional Shiny Pokemon to be introduced in “Pokemon Go.” In fact, the announcement the company made on Twitter was a recent development that players do not get to see often. It is noticeable that the people in the Silph Road are more active about providing information to players than Niantic.

PvP Trading

Meanwhile, according to Pokemon Go Hub, these specially colored pocket monsters is the company’s way to fuel interest about the trading update that has been previously teased. The report notes that these specially colored creatures have a spawn chance of 1 in 1,4096 that makes it more than 4,000 times difficult to collect a full Pokedex as compared to the regular ones.

This will lead the trading feature to be centered on the exchange of these special types of creatures. Most likely, the PvP Trading will include these attractive looking monsters when the update is introduced in the game.

Third big update

At the earlier part of 2017, ‘Pokemon Go” started making noise.

It rolled out small and major updates almost every month. Aside from that, it held events very often. The greatest tease the company has ever dropped for this year so far was the three major updates that will roll out. The initial predictions were the PvP Trading update, the gym update and the introduction of the Legendaries.

However, there are several speculations that aside from the highly anticipated Gym update, the full implementation of these striking pocket monsters is the third big update that CEO John Hanke mentioned.