I hope you've been saving your money, #cat-lovers. The gem of a domain name - cats.com - is up for sale. In an era where everything is dominated by the #internet, these kinds of things don't just happen. Equate it to the likelihood of seeing a supernova in your lifetime. Or becoming the next #Michael Jordan. Whichever analogy fits your fancy, the fact remains that a domain name valued at $1 million by Estibot.com is out there, waiting for the right buyer.

Current owner is eager to sell

The current Owner, a certain Latvian investor by the name of Algis Skara, bought the domain in 2015 per a report by DomainGang.com.

Now, if a #cat enthusiast ventures to the site, they're met with a sales pitch from Skara that suggests buying the site will be his or her "best life changing opportunity." The note on the website goes on to emphasize that about 15,000 people type the url into their browsers monthly and that there's more than 1,000,000 internet users that #google "cats" every month. He touts the site as an "Instant brand name right here" and goes on to explain "You don't need to tell people about your company name. Hello, this is cats.com- is more than enough to provide credibility to your clients."

Got seven figures lying around?

Quartz.com reports that Skara declined the $350,000 bid he received for the site in January 2017, and, according to reports by DNJournal.com, the $1,000,000 figure the domain name is valued at would make its sale the second largest domain name transaction of 2017 thus far.

What makes it even more unique is that a deal of this magnitude is being handled by the owner himself. Generally, one would expect any deal (internet or otherwise) that could potentially make millions to be supervised by a conglomerate of seasoned specialists. But Skara seems confident in his ability to go it alone. There's not much information on the web to lend backing to this confidence: his LinkedIn profile describes him as a director of "algis.com," but upon entering the site it seems to be bare.

His social media accounts also list him as the "founder" or "director" of various other sites, but they, too, seem to lack content. His most recent blog post was four years ago. All told, Algis Skara is a relative ghost - although a single selfie on his #Twitter account may actually be his own photo (there's no way to know for sure.)

Whatever the reason for his secrecy, there's no question cats.com will be sold fairly soon. On the site's one and only page, Skara boasts that he's already received offers of $500,000. If you plan to make your move, make it quick.