The Internet has been swarming of recent news claiming that the long-awaited set of Shiny Pokemon have finally arrived. It is a happy day for fans as several players took their excitement online about being able to catch the shiny Pokemon. The festive mood is seen in their posts on YouTube, Facebook, and even on Twitter.

Water Festival event

Yesterday, Niantic announced another major event in celebration of the World Water Day. In this event, water-type pocket monsters spawn more frequently than they normally do. Moreover, during this event, water-type Gen 2 pocket monsters in the real world will spawn at a higher frequency too.


For the longest time, players have been requesting Niantic in all sorts of ways to launch the shinies. These creatures are the special type of the regular Pokemon. They are brilliantly colored in a striking way and appeared to be shining. All of the Gen 1 and Gen 2 have this variant.

Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados

GOHub first reported a leak on a supposed tweet from a Niantic PR that was not made public saying: “Did you know that if you evolve a Shiny Pokémon like this Magikarp, the evolved Pokémon will also be Shiny?”

Other websites reported the same. Indeed players have caught the long-awaited shinies. The leaked tweet was even accurate.

The Ditto case

The augmented reality game last year introduced Ditto.

This creature is a shapeshifter who always appears as something else. Players might catch a different creature only to evolve into Ditto when in the Pokeball. Unfortunately, Magikarp is among those pocket monsters that Ditto can use as a disguise.

At present, it appears that this is the case of the recent ripple created in the world of “Pokemon Go.” Players claiming to have captured the shiny Magikarp have been brokenhearted to find out that what they have caught just turn into Ditto.

Actually, the leak reported by the GoHub was accurate, in a way. It just did not turn out to be a shiny Gyarados. It seems that the long wait for the shinies is still up. But who knows, Niantic might release these creatures in their next update or event.