Pokémon GO” developers tweeted Wednesday that update 0.59.2 is ready for Android users, promising minor bug fixes. It wasn’t long after irate trainers mobbed the thread with angry replies reporting serious issues within the game, and that they wanted it fixed as soon as possible.

Trainers not pleased

According to players, the game still experiences random crashes, lags in Pokémon Gyms and empty or disappearing sightings. The issues raised by players were remarkably similar and a lot were disappointed. Surprising, yes – considering the recently wrapped up Water Festival was considered a success.

“I hope you’re fixing the severe lag issues many Android users are experiencing,” a user commented. Another said: “Hopefully it will stop making Pokémon disappear from the map right after they pop out.”

Meanwhile on Reddit, “Pokemon GO” trainers echoed the same sentiments. On one of the many The Silph Road threads, a Redditor and trainer has called the lag “intolerable” and some have noted that the same issues have been present since 0.59.1.

Trainers who already have updated their app apparently did not find any improvements. “Update: Gyms still suck worse than ever,” Reddit user chipfox wrote. Surprisingly, some players are getting error messages even when connected to WiFi.

Niantic keeps mum

Niantic Labs has not addressed the issue as of this writing, but trainers continue to vent out their frustrations anyway.

The flak isn’t the first for the game, as previous updates were also met with negative comments.

Last month’s iOS and Android update had users complain of lagging, blue screens and GPS errors. Even more appalling, the errors were reportedly happening every few minutes. While not all mobile devices are directly affected, the flak around “Pokémon GO” is getting louder, especially over at The Silph Road, where every trainer with a Reddit account can report their complaints.

In other news, Niantic is pleased to announce that over 589 Magikarp were caught during the recent Water Festival. Considering that the developer hasn’t commented on it yet, Shiny Magikarp is still probably out in the wild.