niantic labs took to Twitter to announce that the rare golden Magikarp, otherwise known as the Shiny Magikarp, will be sticking around. The company did not specify for how long, but “Pokémon GO” trainers still have the chance to capture the water-type Pokémon for the foreseeable future.

The in-game Water Festival proved quite successful, even more so when a shiny version of Magikarp was introduced. For a lot of trainers, the fish Pokémon isn’t really that special; in fact, some think it’s pathetic. Its new appearance, however, created a spotlight for the aquatic monster and now Niantic has decided to keep it.

It’s not over yet!

The Water Festival technically is, but the Shiny Magikarp is still out in the wild.

The special event went live last week with a promise from the developers that water-type Pokémon will sprout like mushrooms just so trainers can catch them easily.

However, a study conducted by Slash Gear concluded that the spotlight-grabber is not so common at all. The publication noted that the odds are inside the range of 1 Shiny per 215 Magikarp encountered. This research was done with several hundred players and thousands of Magikarp caught.

The rare golden Magikarp instantly became the star of the Water Festival even after the event closed off. It gained so much notoriety during the duration of the event that some players have forgotten the fuss over the ever-so-elusive Lapras.

Why the Shiny Magikarp is prized

The golden Magikarp’s popularity is due to its evolution. While the typical Gyarados sports a dark blue hue, the one that evolves from this rare Magikarp is red.

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Some trainers weren’t lucky enough to catch the shiny fish, though things may become more interesting for “Pokémon GO” in the coming weeks.

It’s likely that players will see more shiny Pokémon in the near future. Better yet, Niantic could even mix more shiny Pokémon in the next in-game event. The company hasn’t said anything yet, except for the Magikarp’s extended stay, but the answers lie in the water, and in how well Easter will treat players of “Pokémon GO” all around the world.