The recent “Pokémon GO” update 1.27.4 on iOS and update 0.57.4 on Android are said to cause crashes in the game, according to trainers on Reddit. While the patch’s minor text fixes, as what niantic labs calls it, were launched to enhance game performance on older devices, new products are reportedly malfunctioning. The Silph Road currently has two threads dedicated to document incompatibility issues, crashes and more frustrating news for players.

Errors, blue screens, disconnects, and more in Android and iOS

Android users have reported that the app fails in general use, or in more specific activities such as in battle or scrolling through gyms.

Additionally, “Pokémon GO” seems to have a recurring DC issue, especially when updates are automatically being rolled out.

On the other hand, iOS users complain of lagging, blue screens and GPS errors while the app runs in the background. Even more distressing, these glitches are reportedly happening every few minutes. While not all mobile devices are directly affected, the flak around “Pokémon GO” is getting louder especially over at The Silph Road, where every trainer with a Reddit account can report their complaints.

Niantic continues to roll out game improvements

Meanwhile, game developers at Niantic are hell-bent on pushing so-called enhancements for the game. Previously confirmed is the “Pokémon GOtrading system, wherein players will soon be allowed to trade Pokémon, albeit within proximity.

While some players see the news as a welcome change, some players are in doubt, as Niantic increasingly enforces prohibitions within the game.

A thing worth mentioning is the issue on third-party apps that Niantic has already banned. Days ago, a trainer posted a screenshot of an in-game warning that states: “Please be aware that the use of such software can result in the loss of your account.” The game creator has started to dispatch warnings and bans for trainers, as third-party apps are now considered unauthorized and a violation of the game’s Terms of Service. The Silph Road says that unauthorized third-party access can be avoided by changing one’s PTC password.