The Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con problem appears to be a thing of the past. At least it won't be a problem when the company sends out its next batch of consoles. That's because the firm has figured out what was happening with the controllers that permeated the Internet shortly after launch day.

"A manufacturing variation has resulted in wireless interference with a small number of the left Joy-Con," Nintendo said in a statement to CNet. The firm said that moving forward, this connectivity issue will not be a problem for the Switch.

Nintendo Switch owners have a lot of the faulty volumes

While the announcement that Nintendo has figured out what was plaguing users of the Joy-Con is good news for those who don't own a Switch yet, it's not great news for early adopters. The announcement made to the press seems to indicate that those who already have one of these devices will still have to find workarounds.

The fix Nintendo is talking about doesn't appear to be one that can be used at home. Rather this is a matter of a production issue. Considering the Switch is one of the best selling consoles Nintendo has released there are plenty of people who are still dealing with the faulty Joy-Con.

There is a kind of fix

While the company says that the Joy-Con isn't going to be entirely fixed unless you get one of the devices that was produced without the connectivity issue, it is also still trying to tell gamers how to avoid the problem.

The firm has also said that if people want to be without the Joy-Con for a few weeks, they can send it into the plant and they will fix it up. Of course, you are going to have to come up with an inventive way to play the Nintendo Switch if you decide to go this route.

The good news is that the firm has indeed figured out how to fix a problem they had once tried to minimize a bit.

The company is now taking on the problem head on. That's good news for the future of a device that appears to be having a very good first few months on the market. It bodes well for its future as well.