Here’s something for “Call of Duty: infinite warfare” players: Infinity Ward’s Lee Ross likes to imagine you violently writhing in anticipation. He has been tweeting a lot of vagueness lately, quoting a man named Arthur McIntosh. Cryptic as they are, the quotes are related to the upcoming DLC 2, as confirmed by the hashtag on each tweet.

Who on Earth is Arthur McIntosh?!

The thing about this McIntosh fella is, he doesn’t really exist – at least not yet. His quotes aren’t anywhere on Google, so it’s safe to assume at this point that these are excerpts from a dialogue on the upcoming DLC 2 for “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.”

Could Arthur be related to the Willard Wyler story? What’s his role on the next Zombies chapter? The answers are hard to come by, and Ross isn’t saying anything either.

Redditors have made their own presumptions, some keep making guesses and others have decided that pestering Ross might be a good idea. McIntosh’s identity will be revealed in time, as usual hints go. For now, theorizing is the most entertaining thing to do.

‘Infinite Warfare’ Zombies

The Zombies chapter has this cinematic thing where being trapped inside films is the focus. It could be that the speculated new character treats the film world as a place where time is unlimited and achieve his yet to be unfolded motivations.

Based on the project director’s tweets, it seems as though Arthur is keen on immortality.

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Having called time “the most valuable asset in life,” there’s a possible link to the Wyler narrative. It’s likely Arthur may have pulled off the whole dealing-with-the-devil thing as well, maybe to extend time?

Whatever this new character’s purpose is, it’s an indication that the Wyler narrative is more perplexing than most players think. Where McIntosh fits in “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” we still don’t know, but what’s clear as of now is that the DLC2 is almost here! Reports say that a full reveal could happen in the next two weeks, and looking into past DLC releases, it could arrive sometime in April.