Super Mario Run for Android was initially set for a March 23 release, but Nintendo Of America decided to release it a day earlier. With this development, the mobile game is expected to surge in downloads again after first coming out on iOS in December of last year.

The new stuff for Super Mario Run 2.0

Incidentally, the iOS version of Super Mario Run got some updates as well. New playable characters were added while some of Bowser’s challenges can be played for free. Other new changes with the update include new buildings, easier to obtain Rally Tickets and the East Mode which gives players access to the World Tour courses.

With the new updates to the iOS version, it seems Nintendo is trying to keep gamers into it. As most know, the free version allows players to play only three levels. Those wanting more will need to get the full version which would require forking out $10.

A means to keep gamers on both versions

Though months late, Android device owners who have been aching to get their hands on the game app can do so and on (sort of) even grounds.

As before, Android owners will have to wait and see if they too will enjoy the new update iOS users got. The current version is expected to include the three stages before deciding on whether to get the full version. Gameplay includes World Tour mode and Toad Rally, alternatives to keep players busy hooked onto the game.

Based on how it performed on iOS, it may hardly come as a surprise to find it topping the Google Play Store charts and register record numbers.

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The iOS version was downloaded 40 million times, something that will be a baseline gauge which could be easily broken by the Android Version.

Either way, the important thing is that Nintendo has expanded to the Android circle. This will work to their credit considering the volume of Android mobile device owners in the market. Either way, Nintendo of America is the winner here though most Android players will likely wait when the updated version rolls out from their end.