According to a leak, Amazon is developing its own security camera, fully compatible with Alexa. It might also work with Echo, Amazon's already existing sound-based system. This will allow it to be controllable via voice.

The camera's existence was revealed when a picture of it was discovered on Amazon's site by an automated script. There weren't any product listings or descriptions attached to it, so the only facts known about it are pure speculation.

Amazon has not made any statements on the leak so far, claiming that the company does not comment on speculation or simple rumors.

Camera is likely to be compatible with Alexa and Echo

Amazon's security camera itself is quite unique-looking, consisting of a black and white pod with several buttons on it, which rests on a base to allow it to be placed on any kind of surface, in any kind of position, and still move freely. There is speculation that it will also include a speaker and microphones, no doubt related to its Alexa compatibility.

Amazon's security camera is watching

The synergy between Alexa, Echo and this upcoming security camera might be very convenient, but at the same time, there are many who already are uncomfortable about Echo and the idea that Alexa is always listening to what they do.

Certainly, they will not enjoy the idea of it being able to watch them, too.

It doesn't help that the camera also appears to have infrared sensors, four of them in fact, meaning that even in the darkness, Alexa could be watching.

The camera's design suggests that it might not be suitable for outdoor use, and that it might be exclusively meant to be kept within one's home.

Not the first, but official

This wouldn't be the first Alexa-compatible camera.

There are already several of those in the market, many of them with cloud access and the ability to send users phone notifications, but none of them were made by Amazon.

It was just a matter of time until the company demanded a piece of the pie, all while adding something that no third party camera can provide: ability to access its cloud, by far the most impressive one in existence currently. With its seamless integration with other company systems, this Amazon security camera is sure to leave its mark once it's officially announced.