Rod Blum, who represents a competitive district in eastern Iowa, abruptly ended an interview only moments after it began when he was pressed to answer why he was requiring attendees to show their IDs and verify their residency. KCRG reporter Josh Scheinblum interviewed him as he was surrounded by grade-school children at Dubuque Senior High School. After a short time that included pressing questions, Blum stormed out and refused the reporter’s requests to stay and resume the interview. This is a televised sample of the current tension going on with Republicans because of their votes and decisions regarding healthcare in America.

The event is tied to the consequent town hall meeting where he was booed by around 1000 people for his vote for repealing the 2010 federal health care law. He was interrupted during his opening remarks and confronted by people over this matter. Town halls are buzzing with similar discussions all over the country. No wonder such an interview went viral.

Blum neglects opinion of residents from outside his district

Scheinblum asked the congressman why not all Iowa residents get to have their voices heard about an issue that impacts their lives. That's when the congressman argued that he did not represent all of Iowa, but rather that he represented the 1st district of Iowa. He even exemplified the attendance of people from outside his district using the notion of voting in another district even though one lives in Iowa, denying the role of people from outside his district in this matter and the effect it could have on them.

Blum gets furious when questioned about receiving donations from Iowa City

When he was faced with the question about whether or not he will be receiving donations from a Republican in Iowa City, he stood up, removed the microphone from his shirt, accused the reported of badgering him, and left the room, muttering “This is ridiculous." This question was not in vain, given the fact that three of the top 5 donors to his campaign were Iowa-based companies.

Naturally, Scheinblum would want to tackle this point, especially following his behavior regarding attendees’ residencies. The reporter tried to let him stay in his seat and asked him to follow through with the interview, but his trials were fruitless. The congressman expressed his displeasure with the question and headed for the door anyway.