Sony has just announced a line-up of free games for Playstation Plus members, which includes games for the PS Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and is already receiving praise from players and reviewers alike for the quality of this month's offers.

New free games each month

The full list of free games for March is: Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam for the PlayStation 4, Earth Defense Force 2025 and Under Night: In-Birth for the PlayStation 3, and Severed for the PlayStation Vita. Both the PS4 and the Vita are also getting 2016's puzzle game Lumo.

While this month's line-up is quite well-regarded, last month's free games on PlayStation Plus were no slackers either. Games such as Devolver Digital's acclaimed Not a Hero and Sumo Digital's LittleBigPlanet 3, as well as other titles such as Starwhal, TorqueL, Ninja Senki DX and Anna: Extended Edition were all made free for subscribers of the service.

Quality offerings in March

Disc Jam is High Horse Entertainment's latest offering: a hectic and competitive multiplayer action-sports game reminiscent of a high-octane version of Pong with added use of special skills and abilities.

Meanwhile, Earth Defense Force 2025 is another of the free games, this one a shooter in which the player can pick from several classes and use hundreds of different weapons to fight an alien menace.

Lumo, on the other hand, is a callback to the isometric adventure style with modern sensibilities.

Made by DrinkBox Studios, the same developer that created the well-regarded 2013 Metroidvania Guacamelee!, Severed is a hack-and-slash action game that does for its genre what Guacamelee! did for the Metroidvania.

The game, in which you play as a one-armed female warrior attempting to learn about her history, came out in 2016, when it was praised as one of the PlayStation Vita's finest games.

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Bang for your buck

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that provides players with six new free games each month, for a monthly fee of $10, with a year-long subscription costing $60. This is after a change to pricing last September, when the yearly cost was bumped up from 50$. There is also the possibility for new members to start out with a two-week free trial.

With $60 dollar being the usual market price for new AAA releases, potentially getting 72 Playstation free games each year for the same amount of money is a very enticing deal.