Amazon is reportedly operating on an innovation that would give Alexa the ability to identify an individual's voice impression, a secret source who knows the Amazon's Alexa plan told Time. Internally identified as Voice ID, the new feature has reportedly been under improvement since last summer and would recognize distinct commands to be secured to a specific voice.

A source inside Amazon announced a new feature for Alexa

As the source inside Amazon illustrated to Time, the new Voice ID would use a 'voice print' to establish personal speaker's identity and principal account holders could set Alexa to demand their voice impression for different specific commands.

A user of Alexa would be able to set his voice would be needed to do a credit card acquisition or turn on the air conditioning system through the Echo.

This new feature could further support some of those Alexa errors as, for example, accidental purchases. While Echo speakers currently recognize different profiles, Voice ID would permit multiple users to enter their accounts without having to shift between them. The source also says that the feature is now completed, but we don't know when it will get integrated into the current system or if it will need new hardware to work.

The latest news from the Mobile World Congress and the 'Amazon world'

This source emerges during a week really hard for these companies.

At Mwc in Barcelona, Google announced last Sunday that his Google Assistant is being rolled out to millions of users. Most of these are owners of Android Marshmallow and Nougat OS. Also on Sunday, Motorola announced that its Moto smartphones will work with Alexa.

Last month, however, Mike George, Amazon's VP of Alexa, told at CES that Alexa's team was working on training the system to fully understand the context, such as becoming more conversational and memorizing the most frequent requests. Adding the feature to remember voice print could support both concepts. A new feature that would lead Amazon to beat the competition.