The rumors continue to swirl and capitalize on our desire to know all their is about the upcoming “Nintendo Switch." Fans just can't seem to wait for any droplet of information concerning Nintendo's latest system. I am among those eager to find out more.

It just keeps getting better and better.

Yesterday I wrote about a leaked document suggesting both the launch date as well as several potential launch titles. While that normally would be enough to hold us over for a couple of days, (again, the press event by Nintendo is scheduled for January 12th), we apparently just can’t seem to get enough.

According to a verified employee of Best Buy (over on Reddit) we now know what Nintendo will be charging for their new console. Many have projected for a while what we could be looking at when the console launches. However, many felt it was too low of a price and there would be no way Nintendo would be charging that low for their brand new console that is also their new handheld device.

The rumored price is competitive.

Coming in at a projected $249.99, news of the “Nintendo Switch’s” price point has sent ripples and excitement flooding through the gaming industry. Not only is this lower than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but if Nintendo has a stronger game plan to get this console out and into the hands of many at such a low price, we could start to see a shift in console dominance once again.

In addition to the news I wrote about yesterday, there are still a few other games being hinted at for launch day. One title revealed yesterday is a new "Monster Hunter." It may not be a big title stateside, but in other regions it is one of the biggest franchises around and will definitely get people in line for the system and games launch.

While we should always consider any information we get to be rumor until confirmed by Nintendo, Reddit seems to believe the source, with several members acknowledging and further verifying the worker’s credentials. I can’t say this is anything more than a rumor, but there is one thing I can say for certain; This week is definitely shaping up to be an amazing week for Nintendo and gaming fans alike.