I’ve been gaming for a really long time. When I say really long it’s akin to when the cavemen first drew on their walls with mud timeframe. So I remember a lot and have a deep fondness for nostalgic little gimmicks even if I would never actually play any of the older games past an evening or two.

Retro gaming is on the rise.

This past November, Nintendo gave us an updated version of their original Nintendo Entertainment System, all in a neat little package. It was smaller than the original system, had HDMI ports, and came preloaded with thirty games of wonderment.

Of course, even with the hacks to expand upon the library, it is a device of nostalgia and “simpler times.”

Either continuing this craze of yesteryear or to keep Nintendo’s name in the spotlight while we wait for more information regarding the “Nintendo Switch”; Retro-Bit has us excited about our past once again.

Introducing the “Super Retro Boy,” a system that looks like the original Game Boy and will work with your original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced cartridges. The screen is also bigger, so no as much squinting as we once had to do. It will also be chargeable through a microUSB port and gamers will have roughly 10 hours of gameplay on the go, before you have to charge it up again.

With more to offer, the ‘Super Retro Boy’ could be the handheld device we’ve always wanted.

Even though it is not officially licensed by Nintendo, Retro-Bit makes some quality replicas. Covering many other system from gaming’s history they are always at the forefront in providing exceptional systems for any retro gamers needs.

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This August will see the “Super Retro Boy” released with a price point of $80. This may be a stretch for some in the pricing department. Despite that, it is true that retro gaming is very much on the rise and Retro-Bit is a company to look towards to fulfill your needs. Besides, if we can count on nothing else, hackers will assist us in making more out of the system than what was originally intended at its launch.