I never thought I’d find myself writing about a trailer for the "power rangers" movie, but here I am and I couldn’t be happier. At the risk of aging myself, I wasn’t amongst the intended audience when the original “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” came out, but I have seen more seasons of this show than any other. Thanks to my boys. Some have been great and some have been increasingly bad. Heck, we’ve even seen the movies. So, naturally, when the announcement came that a new feature-length film was coming, we grew with anticipation.

Is it ‘Morphin’ Time’?

When the official teaser trailer released a while back, there wasn’t enough to showcase why we should want to watch. Then there was a flood of reports concerning the lead villain, Zordon, Alpha, and even more deriving from the teaser trailer itself. In fact, the official teaser trailer had myself and many other “ranger” fans questioning if this was going to be good, or another Hollywood flop. Today, however, a lot of those fears have been squashed. With a full reveal of the appearance of Zordon, first real look of Alpha (as well as some dialogue), and the first real look at the all-powerful “Zords” in action, this pessimist is now something of a believer.

Will fans turn over a new leaf or still hate on this reimagining?

This official trailer definitely showcases more of what fans have come to expect from the Power Rangers. It is still a little dark for some viewers' tastes, but this seems to be an actual “adulting” of the Power Ranger franchise. Is there a need for this? Probably not.

Look at the way Transformers movies have turned out. No matter the issues you have with those movies, you can’t deny the money those films have made and the spin-off franchise it has created.

If this trailer shows anything at all, it's that adults and kids alike will be able to go and enjoy the film. Something a little lacking in the first two outings at the theater for previous films in the franchise. I for one will be checking this out, and probably clamoring for the eventual follow-up it will receive. Check out the video below to see what I mean, and get ready for a new kind of hero this March.