Pangu has been quiet as of late and much of that is perhaps because they just saw one of their iOS jailbreaks go up in smoke. This is with reference to the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak tool which went to the garbage chute following the release of iOS 9.3.3.Right now Pangu is left with two operating systems to work on – 9.3.3 or 10. Releasing a crack for 9.3.3 could be doable only that it would be of use for about a month and a half. This is largely because the belief right now is that the Cupertino company will be making the big jump to the next iOS version.

Which should Pangu work on?

Given that scenario, Pangu finds itself in a bind. Working on the current version will be easier since it is the final one out in the market. The problem is that efforts may be wasted once September comes, the month where iOS 10 is believed to be debuting.Hence, the easy answer could be to see Pangu focus on the iOS 10 though it is still in the beta stages. Like its predecessors, there will be new builds expected to come out before the Fall so any tool that Pangu may come up will still end up useless.

Pangu needs to start somewhere

Recall that the hacking group did come out with a slideshow showing their iOS 10 crack at MOSEC 2016. While the revelation was impressive, questions now arise if they were indeed in the works.

The month is on its third week and Pangu had all the time to release a jailbreak. Nothing has come out until now.Understandably, Pangu may be working on a perfect jailbreak for the Apple community though time is being wasted. Not only that, their credibility is being compromised a bit with no breakthrough since 9.3.1.

Pangu will be at Black Hat USA 2016 where it will hold another round of talks.

Right now there is no telling if they will touch on any jailbreaking solution though the audience are sure to bring it up.From the looks of it, people will want to know more about their stance rather than ask once more about when they intends to unveil a crack to Apple’s vaunted operating system.