When he’s finished with his NFL career, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will join Fox Sports’ broadcast booth as its top football analyst after signing a record 10-year deal worth $375 million. While many claimed that the 44-year-old Brady deserves the job, others were not so happy, saying the seven-time Super Bowl champion hasn’t proven anything yet to earn such kind of deal. But NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal was there to Brady’s defense, calling those who question the contract as “hater.” “When it comes to greatness of this kind, if you lend any anger, you’re a hater,” O’Neal said.

As a seven-time Super Bowl champion with a clean cut and good looks, O’Neal said Brady deserves all the money from the Fox Sports deal. “He deserves all the money. Whoever says he don’t deserve this money, shut your face,” he said. Earlier, O’Neal and fellow Inside the NBA host and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley revealed their man crush on Brady during one of their episodes. This prompted Brady to ask via Twitter if he can come on board, tweeting: “Can I come on for a segment please?” Ernie Johnson, another host of the show, then replied: “Absolutely. You say when.”

Bowles praises Brady’s work ethic

As a veteran, Brady wasn’t required to join the Buccaneers’ offseason workouts, but he made multiple appearances this week.

This hasn’t caught new Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles by surprise, saying he expected his quarterback to do this. "Tom’s a worker," Bowles said, adding: “Tom comes in on his own.” While Brady doesn’t need to join the offseason workouts, Bowles said: “You don’t play that long without having inner drive.” Brady’s appearance during the offseason workout came weeks after he announced his return to the NFL after a 41-day retirement.

When asked about his relationship with Brady, Bowles said he has a great communication and great relationship with his quarterback. Bowles was tapped as head coach after Bruce Arians was promoted to the front office. Brady also added that Brady’s presence during the offseason workout helped develop camaraderie among teammates.

After assuming the coaching reins, Bowles said he won’t tinker with the offense with Brady at the helm. While he’s known as a defensive coach, Bowles said works with Brady by constantly communicating with him. “Tom and I understand that — we have a great relationship going forward,” said Bowles, adding he and Brady talked football off the field. In a previous interview, Bowles said that he and Brady are alike in many ways. He also credited Brady for teaching him a thing or two during his two-year stint as the Buccaneers’ defensive coordinator.