Conducting a major global sporting event like the 2022 Beijing Olympics against the background of Coronavirus came as a challenge to China. The organizers accepted the challenge and decided to deploy robots to attend various jobs like serving drinks. There are temperature-controlled sleep pods, and machines disinfect all the areas. These games could get the tag of being the most controlled international sporting event held to date.

Last year there was the Tokyo Games, proving that it is possible to conduct an Olympics in the age of a pandemic. However, China has raised the bar.

Apart from being wealthy, it is powerful and determined. Its experts in robotics and Artificial Intelligence have created a system to guarantee a virus-free Game.

The venue would house an estimated 60,000 athletes, team officials, media, volunteers and more. There will be a "closed-loop" environment. This will involve three main gated "bubble areas" spread over a vast expanse of land. Designated travel lanes will ensure connectivity between the bubbles. There will be hotels, conference centers, worker dormitories etcetera. North Korea is banned from the 2022 Beijing Olympics because it did not participate in the Tokyo Games.

Attendees to Beijing Olympics must follow Covid protocol

The authorities of the Games have said people have to wear a mask at all times except when in their own rooms and while eating.

They have to maintain social distancing. Everyone must undergo a PCR deep-throat swab test daily and record it on the approved health app. Already people have arrived, and few of them are infected. They have to go into isolation until they test negative.

The officials want to ensure zero spread. There are floor robots that move about in communal areas and spray disinfectants.

The BBC adds that Beijing has introduced several unique tools to reduce human-to-human contact. A high level of automation is evident with robots in the kitchen and behind the bar. Lunar New Year this year falls before the Games. Obviously, the walls reflect the mood in the decoration and cultural elements.

Beijing is setting a new trend of life with robots

The Beijing Winter Olympics has changed the concept of the games where participants arrive from other countries. They want to etch their names in the record books. However, the contagious coronavirus emerged as a significant challenge to the organizers. They had to work overtime to evolve solutions, and the result is the stress they laid on a high degree of automation. China has set a new trend of living with robots. As a result, the Olympic village gives an impression of wandering into a sci-fi film setup.

Technology in use by Beijing for the Games has people talking

Beijing is exploiting the opportunities thrown up by the Games and the restrictions imposed for the safety of the people.

China wants to showcase its technological advances to the world. It seems they have succeeded in getting the attention of the global community. Beijing has deployed robots in every possible sphere from cooking to delivery of food items, making cocktails, cleaning the floors, etcetera.

An attraction is a UFO-style machine in the Olympic village that makes aerial delivery of food to athletes. These innovations minimize the risk of transmission of the virus. Beijing deserves full credit for weaving robotics into the Olympic Games. China has developed its robotics and competes with other countries to make its presence felt on the Moon and Mars.