The 2020 Olympic Games are just around the bend, and athletes from around the world are arriving at the venue in large numbers. Tokyo is all set for the greatest sporting event of the decade, having geared up for a major success by simply pushing the threat of COVID to the wayside.

What makes the 2020 Olympics a game-changer is the inclusion of various new games in its itinerary. This has made a new group of world-class athletes look forward to some unique sporting events and, more importantly, a few medals, as they get to compete in such a global conclave of sporting personalities for the first time ever.

From Surfing to Sport Climbing, the new inclusions are seen as providing a whiff of fresh sporting air to the Olympic Games Village this time around. It is being said that the inclusion of new sporting events this time around is in tune with the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) plan to lure younger audiences and also to reflect the urbanization of sports.

The new entrants

A look at the new entrants in the Olympics arena this time around would make it fascinating.

The new sporting events that would make their Olympics Games debut are:

Skateboarding: Though not considered a competitive event in a wider sense, this sport will position itself as one this time around at the Tokyo Olympics. The IOC has okayed two skateboarding disciplines – street and park – for the 2020 edition of the games.

While the Street discipline will see action on obstacles ranging from rails, stairs, curbs, benches to walls, the par discipline will be performed on a hollowed-out course with tough curves. Competitions would be individual events.

Karate: This is a sport of Japanese origin, and it would make its debut at the 2020 Olympic Games in style.

A martial art, Karate, will bring in two disciplines for the contest, and they are Kata and Kumite. While Kata is a solo discipline, Kumite comes across as a combat discipline.

Sport climbing: The Tokyo Olympics of 2020 will be a lot richer in terms of high-profile sporting action, with Sport Climbing being included in the competition. In all, Sport Climbing will bring in action in three disciplines of climbing, namely speed, bouldering and lead.

Surfing: As soon as the Olympic fever catches up in Tokyo, the world will get to see many athletes heading for the beach, some 100 kilometers away from the main Olympic stadium in the city.

They will be the competitors who would fight it out for the Surfing event, which has been included this time around. The event will see performances ranked as per a five-point system based on a variety of factors.

The newly-included events will bring a fresh sense of competition and a host of medals up for grabs. Welcome to the modern-day Olympic action of grit and hard work.