Tokyo is all set. Or is it? Organizing an event of humongous magnitudes, such as the Olympics Games during the Covid-19 pandemic, takes immense courage. But Japan seems to have managed to set things on order and gear up for the games the world has been looking forward to watching.

Though the last few days of the preparation for the Olympics had seen great difficulties, the Japanese city hosting the event has excelled in creating a conducive atmosphere for athletes and officials from various nations who have already landed in Tokyo to compete on a global podium over the coming days.

In fact, Tokyo's preparations for the global sporting event have impressed the International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach, who, as per a report, termed Tokyo the "best ever prepared city" to host the Olympics. This is a commendable feat, with the Coronavirus scare still lingering. There isn't any doubt that the Japanese public is indeed confident about hosting the Olympics in a safe and secure environment.

Infection scare

However, authorities in Tokyo will not rest easy as yet, with cases of Covid-19 infections being reported among athletes who have already landed at the games village. Going to reports, as many as 55 people linked to the Olympics tested positive for the virus.

Such a situation has launched the Tokyo Olympics officials onto a trouble-shooting mode, and they have charted out a procedure to identify close contacts of those affected. The IOC is working closely with Japanese authorities to maintain a safe environment at the Olympics venues. With more coronavirus testing processes and necessary follow-ups, the officials are bent on keeping things strictly under control so that the major sporting event happens unhindered.

Testing times

The New York Times reported that more than 40,000 Covid-19 tests have already been carried out before the athletes even set out for Japan. Besides, once they landed in Tokyo, the airports have also screened them for the virus. Furthermore, the athletes are being tested every day too. Those who have tested positive are made to stay away so that contacts are a bare minimum.

It is no secret that the people in Tokyo, along with the game's authorities and the local administration, are working round the clock to keep the games safe from the threat of more infections.

Winners to take it all

What is remarkable is that the Tokyo administration, working hand in hand with the IOC, has ensured that the problematic circumstances prove no hassle for the conduct of the Olympic Games. For athletes from all over the globe, the Olympic Games provides a platform to let go of all the hardships they have faced during the pandemic days that swallowed almost all their time and practice sessions. They had been under tremendous stress over the past few months, but it is now time to let go.

Welcome to the Olympics, where all the hard work and confidence would reap medals and hearts.