There was a chaotic situation when the sound of guns led to the stoppage of a baseball game. It was outside the Nationals Park, and the game was between the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres. The disturbance saw the fans fleeing for cover. People had come to watch the game to relax and cheer on their teams. They never expected to witness shootings. There have been several incidents of gun violence in the past, and they feared something similar might be happening. Many of the fans sought shelter under the seats. It happened Saturday night at around 9.30 pm.

New AU reports that police assured them that it was a shoot-out between people in a couple of cars. There were injuries to three persons, one of them was a female bystander. She had come to attend the game. The other two injured persons were in one of the cars. They visited a local hospital and took treatment for gunshot wounds.

The police assured that the guns did not pose any threat

It was a tense situation, and the police rose to the occasion. They assured the fans that there was no threat and informed them about the suspension of the game between the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres. It seems the San Diego Padres were already on the field for the bottom of the sixth inning. News AU says the fans rushed for cover when they heard the pops.

It was nighttime, and any odd sound was suspect. Moreover, helicopters were circling the baseball park. That added to the seriousness. One of the Nationals fans told a news media - “Everybody thought like a machine had gone busted or there were fireworks outside or something.”

Officials delayed mentioning guns over loudspeakers

When there are incidents of this nature, the officials have to use the PA system to inform the fans.

That would help to remove the panic. However, in this case, officials did not mention guns for at least five minutes. That led to a sort of “pandemonium.” The fans explained about the scenes of disorder around them as people began to move towards the exit. Police sirens added to the confusion. It seems at one point there were 2000-3000 people who ran on the field in search of shelters like the dugouts.

They were evidentially in panic. News AU goes on to add that the Nationals initially announced about an incident outside the stadium. They also posted a message on the scoreboard for fans to remain in the stadium. The game will resume Sunday afternoon.

Guns halt a baseball game in Washington

According to ABC AU, guns disturbed a professional baseball game in Washington. It was a game between San Diego Padres and the Washington Nationals. Baseball is a game with a huge fan following, and they Travel from far-off places to come and watch the game and cheer their teams. In this case, there was gunfire outside the venue, and those inside panicked. It was a natural response because guns can kill, and there have been instances of gun violence from different parts of the United States.

The result was a scramble for safety by fans and players. They thought shooters were inside and tried to conceal themselves under tables and chairs in the stadium's Diamond Club. Others hid behind the seats or in the dugouts. Later, the police gave the all-clear and permitted the fans to leave the venue. There were two vehicles involved in the shooting, and investigators are trying to locate the second one.