Despite Ohio State Buckeyes' recent loss to Alabama in the national championship title game, the team’s fans were satisfied with how the 2020 season turned out. The Buckeyes continued their dominance in the Big Ten by winning their second consecutive conference title, and the team avenged their previous loss to Clemson in the college playoff semifinals. Many analysts have argued that Ohio State could maintain its supremacy in college football due to its exceptional recruiting strategy. The Buckeyes have made scholarship offers to some highly-rated prospects for their 2023 class, and they are currently the favorites to add Sonny Styles to their roster.

Ohio State offered Styles a scholarship after he played in his first high school game last year

Ohio State Buckeyes made a scholarship offer to Styles after he played his first high school game last year. The 6-foot-3, 205-pound safety blocked a punt and returned an interception for a touchdown during a nationally televised game in August, and his performance earned him an offer from the Buckeyes. In a recent interview, Styles claimed that Ohio State’s linebackers coach, Al Washington has kept in touch with him even after the team made the offer. For now, the Buckeyes are favorites to land the talented safety since his father also played for the team.

Style’s brother decided to join Notre Dame despite having an offer from the Buckeyes

Lorenzo Styles featured as a linebacker for Ohio State before moving on to the NFL as a third-round draft pick. Although it seems that his son could follow his career path and announce his commitment to the Buckeyes, fans are wary after Style’s older brother, Lorenzo Jr.

decided to join Notre Dame. Ohio State might decide to be more aggressive in its recruiting approach as it seeks to add Styles to its roster in 2023.

Apart from the Buckeyes, Notre Dame, Northwestern, and Indiana have also expressed interest in recruiting Styles. It will be interesting to see whether the young player will join his older brother at Notre Dame or follow his father’s example by joining the Buckeyes.

Nevertheless, Ohio State fans are excited about the team’s potential recruits for the 2023 class. In addition to Styles, the team has made offers to Anthony Hill, Brenan Vernon, and Malachi Nelson. Hill and Vernon could considerably improve Ohio State’s defense if they accept their scholarship offers, while Nelson has been compared to the Buckeye’s outgoing quarterback, Justin Fields. Fields recently entered the 2021 NFL draft after having two successful seasons with Ohio State. Some analysts feel that Nelson has the talent to replicate Fields’ accomplishments if he chooses to join the Buckeyes. If Ohio State convinces all of their top prospects to accept their offers, the team will be the favorites to win the national championship title for the next couple of years.