Amid the grueling football season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady amid he’s behind schedule in preparing for Christmas. This was admitted by Brady when asked by Jim Gray on during their regular interview on Westwood One Radio on how they will celebrate Christmas in a brand-new city after living in New England for 20 years when he played for the Patriots. “Needless to say, I’m little bit behind schedule. It’s kind of usually happens to me this time of year because football creeps up on you,” said Brady as transcribed from the audio of the program.

“Before you know it, it’s Halloween, then it’s Thanksgiving, now were here at Christmas,” he stressed, adding “my wife is super helpful,” referring to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. “I’m sure my kids are gonna have a good Christmas. Hopefully, Santa’s nice to them,” Brady further said.

Brady discusses changes in family’s Christmas tradition

During a media conference on Thursday, the 43-year-old Brady also talked about the changes in his family’s Christmas tradition in a warm city after staying in icy New England for two decades. “Excited for a new tradition and just being down here in, you know, beautiful weather,” Brady told the media, adding that it doesn’t quite feel like its Christmas because of the weather.

Brady revealed that some of his friends in the northeast were sending him pictures of 12 to16 inches of snow and he answered back that he doesn’t really miss that kind of weather. “Don’t really miss shoveling out of snow,” the veteran quarterback said, per a story by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. Brady said the kids are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in a warm weather and very interested if Santa Claus is going to come this year.

“I told them if they’re good, maybe, we’ll see,” he said. Brady looks determined to enjoy the warm weather in Tampa as he bought jet skis and a luxury yacht recently.

Brady claims good relationship with Arians

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians surprised the media on Wednesday when he lashed out at critics of Brady. The veteran head coach also said that Brady is not getting enough credit for their 26-14 win over the Minnesota Vikings that boosted their chances of ending their postseason drought that dates back to 2007.

On Thursday, it was Brady who spoke highly about his relationship with his head coach, who criticized his quarterback several times publicly for his mistakes. “I feel like we have a great relationship,” said Brady, per a report by Justin Leger of NBC Sports. Brady added that he certainly appreciates all the insight that Arians gives him and the way he coaches and leads the team.

Brady added that he and Arians have a great open line of communication where they talk about how he can be most effective. He added that he has great admiration for Arians as a coach, as a man and how he leads the Buccaneers. Arians and Brady will try to lead the Buccaneers (8-5) to a crucial road win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. The Buccaneers entered the week as a four-point favorite over the Falcons, who lost three of their last four outings.