Former NFL linebacker James Harrison played six games for the New England Patriots in 2017 and had a chance to win his third Super Bowl trophy. However, the Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII and Harrison called it a career after that. During his short time in New England, Harrison saw how Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick worked together to develop the most successful partnership in football, which produced six Super Bowl trophies for New England.

The partnership between Brady and Belichick didn't last as they parted ways in the offseason.

Veteran quarterback Tom Brady signed a two-year deal worth $50 million with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Belichick, for his part, signed 2015 Most Valuable Player (MVP) Cam Newton to a one-year deal to become their starter this season. The two have had contrasting fortunes this season as Brady led the Buccaneers to their first playoff appearance since 2007 while Belichick and the Patriots failed to reach the postseason for the first time since 2008.

Harrison says Belichick more valuable in the long run

The latest development put the spotlight anew on the question on who was more valuable between Brady and Belichick in New England. During an appearance on “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, Harrison was asked if Brady is more valuable than Belichick, to which he replied: “Currently, right now this year yes.” “Right now, Brady is, you know he’s way more valuable than what Belichick could have ever been for this year,” said Harrison, per transcription from the show’s YouTube video.

The former linebacker suggest that Belichick is more valuable in the long haul because Brady has just a few years of football left.

Bayless says Brady protected Belichick for a long time

During the same episode, Bayless claimed that Brady had protected Belichick for a long time and the veteran head coach was finally exposed after the Patriots suffered a humiliating 38-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football.

Tom Brady was at least 75% of the reason for the Patriots dynasty.

Bill Belichick is getting exposed,” said Bayless, per a report by Aaditya Krishnamurthy of Essentially Sports. The analyst also said that Belichick is in big trouble moving forward in New England after he hit rock bottom last night with their loss to the Bills. During his interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio, Brady admitted that at first, it was different for him to hear being referred to as “Buccaneers quarterback”, owing to his 20 years in New England. But with the regular-season almost under wraps, Brady said it doesn’t sound as different now. Next season, Brady is set to return to Foxborough when the Buccaneers take on the Patriots on the road, per Nicole Yang of The Boston Globe.