Urban Meyer has had a smooth transition into his new role as a media analyst for the Big Ten Network. The former Ohio State head coach retired in 2017, and he has provided great insight and analysis after joining the media. Throughout the 2020 season, Meyer has made some interesting observations about Nebraska’s slow start, and he recently teased the team’s head coach, Scott Frost, after the Huskers recorded their first win.

Meyer recently teased Coach Frost after the Huskers won their first game in 2020

According to Meyer, Nebraska’s recent victory over Penn State will allow Scott Frost to start eating solid food again and have a good night’s sleep.

Meyer alleged that the third-year head coach had not been able to lead a normal life ever since he joined Nebraska because the program had recorded two consecutive losing seasons. Coach Frost had a 9-15 record in his first two years with the team, and some fans began calling for his resignation after Nebraska lost to Ohio State and Northwestern. However, after the recent win over Penn State, Coach Frost will be under less pressure from the Husker’s fan base.

Nebraska may end the season with a winning record for the first time under Frost’s tenure

Meyer has urged Scott Frost to build on the recent win over the Nittany Lions. The Huskers are not scheduled to play another ranked team this season, and the players could finish the season with a winning record for the first time under Coach Frost’s tenure.

Meyer has urged the third-year head coach to prepare the Huskers adequately for the remaining games to avoid upsets against Iowa and Illinois. Last month, Meyer criticized Nebraska’s offense for allowing the JD Spielman to transfer to TCU.

The former Ohio State head coach argued that Spielman was the most productive wide receiver on the team, and his departure had made the Husker’s offense ineffective.

Nebraska did not score more than 20 points in its first two games in 2020, but they finally bucked the trend by putting up 30 points against Penn State. Nebraska Huskers handed Luke McCaffery the first quarterback start of his career during the game, but the team’s defense was the main reason for the victory over the Nittany Lions.

In his post-match conference, Coach Frost admitted that his team had ridden its luck at times, but he had seen enough from the offense to build on in the remaining games. Even though fans were excited after the Huskers’ victory, they have expressed concern over Adrian Martinez’s future with the team. The third-year quarterback could enter the transfer portal in the coming weeks because he lost his starting job to McCaffery. It will be interesting to watch how Urban Meyer reacts to Nebraska’s ongoing quarterback controversy.