Nebraska Huskers head coach, Scott Frost, showed his passionate side on Friday in his team’s 26-20 loss against Iowa. During the game, cameras recorded Scott Frost having an intense argument with a ref on the sideline after the game officials missed a false start call against Iowa. The Hawkeyes players seemed to have moved before the whistle blew as they kicked a field goal at the start of the fourth quarter. While arguing with the ref, Coach Frost angrily asked for an explanation as to why their opponents hadn’t been penalized, before uttering the word “mother” as the official walked away.

Fortunately, the third-year head coach stopped himself from completing the cussword. Nonetheless, Nebraska fans have had mixed reactions to Coach Frost’s passionate behavior.

Some fans have praised Coach Frost for standing up for his team

Some Huskers spectators took to social media to praise their head coach for standing up for their team. The fans feel that Scott Frost is a fighter, and he is still determined to rebuild Nebraska into a college football powerhouse. Additionally, several fans argued that Frost had decided to confront the match officials because of the number of calls that have gone against Nebraska this season. The team was on the wrong end of several questionable decisions during its games against Ohio State and Northwestern, and the fans have speculated that Coach Frost’s frustrations eventually boiled over in the game against Iowa.

However, some critics have blasted the third-year coach for how he treated the match officials.

Coach Frost also accused Iowa of distracting his players from the sidelines

Coach Frost’s detractors feel that he has resorted to sideshows because Nebraska is on course to record another losing season. The fans feel that the former UCF coach has not lived up to expectations during his tenure with the Huskers, and he should lose his job once the season ends.

According to the unhappy spectators, Coach Frost is unwilling to take responsibility for his failures, and he is more comfortable blaming the refs and his opponents for Nebraska’s losses.

During his post-match conference, Coach Frost pointed an accusing finger at Iowa by insinuating that the team’s repeated clapping on the sidelines had affected Cameron Jurgen’s ability to snap the ball.

The Nebraska center had five unsuccessful snap attempts in the first half, and Coach Frost blamed the Hawkeyes' frequent clapping as the main cause for the snapping issues. However, Iowa’s head coach, Kirk Ferentz, defended his team by explaining that the applause was intended to motivate his players. Ferentz maintained that handclapping is a part of football, and the Huskers head coach should stop making excuses for his team’s loss. It will be interesting to see how Coach Frost handles the criticism he has received. The third-year head coach could show a more aggressive side as he tries to get Nebraska on the right track.